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Report on 'Inghimasiyun,' 'Dhabbihah' Battalions Used by ISIL to Terrorize Opponents in Syria, Iraq

LIN2014081328293838 London Al-Quds al-Arabi Online in Arabic 12 Aug 14

[Report by Ala Walid, from Damascus: "'The Inghimasiyun' and the 'Dhabbihah' and the Terror of the 'Islamic State'"]

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Report by Hamzah Mustafa in Baghdad: “DA’ISH Succeeds in Mixing the Cards of the Tribal and Political Enticements in Its Favor. Its Plans in Al-Anbar Have Become Known, So It Changed Its Focus Northward to Ninawa and Salah al-Din” ]

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By Nour Malas


Aug. 5, 2014 8:35 p.m. ET

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[Unattributed report from Baghdad: "Armed Sunni Factions Tell United States: Opposing ISIL Depends on Al-Maliki Stepping Down"]
3 years 6 months ago
WASHINGTON — American and Iraqi officials are seeking ways to exploit emerging fissures between the militant group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and Iraqi extremist groups that allied with it to seize much of northern and western Iraq over the last month.
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The "Islamic State" organization constitutes a unique phenomenon among the similar organizations. This is mainly due to a high-level administrative and organizational structure that manages the affairs of the "state." This has reflected on the organization's general performance on all levels. It has thus far made military, economic, and media "successes."
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The Tribal Component of Iraq’s Sunni Rebellion: The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries

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At 1001 GMT on 29 June, Twitter user "Mu'assasat al-I'tisam" (@al_e3tisam; 7,367 followers) tweeted a link to a 12-minute 24-second Arabic-language video titled "Breaking the Borders," featuring remarks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's (ISIL) military commander Abu-Umar al-Shishani and ISIL spokesman Abu-Muhammad al-Adnani. The video was produced and disseminated by Al-I'tisam Establishment for Media Production, ISIL's official media outlet. A summary of the video and a translation of Al-Shish

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The Lesson of the Surge: Defeating ISIS Requires a New Sunni Awakening 
The Sunnis who were most important to the defeat of Al Qaeda seven years ago have now switched sides. Defeating ISIS will require switching them back. 


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"For context, I would recommend the excellent discussion in Ahmed Hashim's Iraq's Sunni Insurgencyon the importance placed on Sunni Turkmen by Saddam Hussein's security services.


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