Ramadi Update May 2015

Please find an update from our partners in the region:

Jassim (Suwaydawi) said he's living in Midan in south Baghdad and is currently renting two homes at $1000 each per month. He has 30 people to look after, 12 of whom are orphans from his siblings who died in 2006. 3 boys and 9 girls. He said the rest are his wives and their children. He also said he just found a home to rent in Mansoor for $1500. It's better than the two homes in Midan and costs less. Said he's used the money you sent to pay for rent and said he's extremely grateful. They wouldn't have been able to pay with out your help. His son Nidal is in Habbaniya with the Golden Division. 
If you wish to help those who helped us during our time of need in 2005-2007; please consider supporting the FFFA.