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Syria: SOHR Posts Article on ISIL Campaign To Recruit Fighters in July, Cites Salary Distribution

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On 19 August, on its official website, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, SOHR, published an article entitled: "More Than 6,000 Fighters Join ISIL in July." The article, dated 19 August, cites the recruitment of fighters, including foreigners, in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL, group as well as their salaries.

A translation of the article follows:

An image from the article with a caption that reads: "Office of Recruitment." 

"In the biggest campaign carried out to recruit fighters by the ISIL organization since it was established in the town of Al-Raqqah in April 2013 until it became the 'Islamic State' in late June, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has learned from credible sources that about 6,300 fighters have joined the ISIL training camps in Aleppo and Al-Raqqah Governorates in July [2014]. They are categorized as follows:

"About 5,000 of them are of Syrian nationality, including about 800 fighters, who were former fighters with the combat brigades, the Islamic brigades, and Al-Nusrah Front 'Al-Qa'ida in the Levant,' while the rest are new volunteers within the ranks of ISIL.

"Moreover, about 1,300 of those fighters are of Arab, European, Caucuses, East Asian, and Chinese nationalities, in addition to Kurdish fighters, including about 1,100 fighters who have entered Syria recently and most of them entered through the Turkish territories. The remaining 200 fighters joined [ISIL] after they had left Al-Nusrah Front, fighting factions, and other Islamic factions.

"It is worth mentioning that we in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had previously published the monthly salaries of the ISIL fighters as follows:

"A Syrian fighter earns $400 monthly salary.

"In addition to the $400 monthly basic salary, a married Syrian fighter earns an allowance of $50 for each child and $100 for each wife. Additionally, he is given a house to live in if he does not own a house, fuel supply for his car from the gas stations run by ISIL, and heating fuel.

"On the other hand, a non-Syrian fighter earns the same salary, allowances, and compensations [earned by a Syrian fighter], in addition to an 'immigration' allowance of $400 monthly.

"Published on 19 August 2014."

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