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Iraq Insurgency 2003-2005 Iraq Insurgency 2003-2005.pdf
Iraq: National Development Strategy 2005-2007 iraq_development_strategy_063005.pdf
Iraqi Provincial Election Law 2008 Iraqi Provincial Election Law - Passed 24 Sep 08.docx
Iraqi Tribal Study: Al Anbar iraq_tribal_study_070907.pdf
Israel's Lebanese War: A Preliminary Assessment RUSI - Creveld.pdf
Khan and Khel: Dialectics of Pakhtun Tribalism (Anderson) AR-M455N_20081217_165341.pdf
Learning from the SWAT Pathans: Political Leadership in Afghanistan, 1978-97 swatpathus.pdf
Lessons Learned: DDR in Reconstruction and Stability Operations Lessons Learned-DDR in Reconstruction and Stability Operations.pdf
National Strategy for Combating Terrorism 2006 wh_terror060905.pdf
Northern Ireland Loyalist Paramilitaries Northern Ireland Loyalist Paramilitaries (NXPowerLite).doc
On Boyd, Bin Laden, and Fourth Generation Warfare as String Theory (Osinga) osinga_boyd_4GW.pdf
Operation BANNER Op_BANNER LL Doc.pdf
Operational Art's Origins (Menning) Operational Art's Origins (Mennings).docx
Operational Design SAMS publication SAMS - Operational Design - 25 Sep.doc
Pakistan: The Resurgence of Baluch Nationalism (Grare) 2006 C_Documents and SettingsadamskdLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5RXZOX0J9CP65.Grare_.FINAL[1].pdf
Protection of Civilians Military Reference Guide Protection of Civilians Military Reference Guide .pdf
Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan V7_0.pdf
PROVN, Westmoreland, and the Historians: A Reappraisal PROVN_Westmoreland.pdf
PROVN, Westmoreland, and the Historians: A Reappraisal PROVN_Westmoreland.pdf
Pseudo Operations and COIN Pseudo gangs.pdf
Pushtuns, Tribalism, Leadership, Islam and Taliban: A Short View Pushtuns-Tribalism-Leadership-Islam-Taliban.pdf
RAND: Future Insurgency Threats 2005 Future Insurgency study.doc
RAND: Assessments and Metrics in COIN RAND Assessments and Metrics in COIN.pdf
RAND: Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan Jun 2008 Afghan COIN.pdf
RAND: Counterinsurgency Symposium 1962 R412-1.pdf
RAND: Dangerous But Not Omnipotent - Exploring the Reach and Limitations of Iranian Power in the Middle East Dangerous But Not Omnipotent (2).pdf
RAND: How Insurgencies End RAND How Insurgencies End.pdf
RAND: Paths to Victory in Modern Insurgencies Paths to Victory-Lessons from Modern Insurgencies_RAND.pdf
RAND: Reconstruction Under Fire - Unifying Civil and Military Counterinsurgency Reconstruction under Fire.pdf
RAND: Report on Anbar Living Conditions 2008 RAND Report on Anbar Living Conditions Survey.pdf
RAND: Rethinking the Reserves Rethinking the Reserves.pdf
RAND: The Long March - Building an Afghan National Army ANA Long March.pdf
RAND: The Phoenix Program and Contemporary Counterinsurgency Phoenix Program.pdf
RAND: The Rise of the Pasdaran Rise of the Pasdaran.pdf
RAND: Victory Has a Thousand Fathers RAND_Victory Has a Thousand Fathers.pdf
RAND: Whither Al Anbar Province (5 scenarios) RAND AL Anbar .pdf
Reconciliation in Iraq 2008 Reconciliation In Iraq 2008.pdf
Rising to the Humanitarian Challenge in Iraq (OXFAM) Oxfam Iraq 2007.pdf
Saddam's War Saddam's War.pdf
Second Lebanon War - All Glory is Fleeting Second Lebanon War- All Glory is Fleeting.doc
Second Lebanon War - IDF Report IDF report Lebanon (NXPowerLite).doc
Second Lebanon War - Winograd Report winogradreport-04302007.pdf
Soviet Military Thought on the Future of War 1962 Soviet FWP 1960.pdf
Staff Guide to the Operational Planning Process (SHAPE) SHAPE Staff Guide to the Operational Planning Process.pdf
The Baath Party Rise (1997) The Baath Party Rise 1997 (Devlin).pdf
The Eye of the Storm: Cities in the Vortex of Afghanistan's Civil Wars (Giustozzi) 2009 Eye of the Storm.pdf
The Iraqi Tribes and the Post Saddam System (Baram) The Iraqi Tribes and the Post Saddam System (Baram) 2003.docx
The Management of Savagery (Abu Bakr Naji) Management of Savagery - 05-23-2006.pdf
The Reawakening of Anbar The Re-awakening of Anbar.pdf