About Us

Fund for Fallen Allies is a non-profit organization: a 501c3 public charity.  Our mission is to help those individuals who risked everything to assist the United States in our time of need.

We were founded in 2012 by a group of veterans of the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan and their spouses and family members, who wished to see a congruent level of attention, care and support provided to our allies as is provided to our own veterans.  The vast majority of Iraqi and Afghani veterans, who risked all to support the US campaigns during difficult times, receive zero support from their governments, regardless of injury or hardship.  The widows and orphans of fallen Iraqi and Afghan Policemen and Soldiers receive little to no support, and are left impoverished and with little hope.  Unlike the governmental and non-governmental support network established in the United States to care for those men and women who serve in and out of uniform, their spouses, children, and surviving family members; Iraq and Afghanistan have a complete absence of appropriate veterans administration infrastructure.  Not only are our former allies and their families left unsupported; often, they are ostracized by their communities for having supported the United States. 

Fund for Fallen Allies Fact Sheet


We provide basic food, shelter, and assistance to our former allies, their families, widows, and/or orphans.    We provide immediate assistance to alleviate suffering, and then attempt to develop long-term local solutions to create sustainable and self-sufficient operations.   We create a lasting mental model amongst former, current, and potential future allies that we do not forget those who support us in our times of need.  We provide assistance to those who EARNED it.


Our funds provide the equivalent of a disability stipend to former allies necessary to feed, house, and educate themselves and their family members in countries where no such support network currently exists such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, El Salvador, and Mexico.  This stipend is normally about $1 per day.  This is NO different than the support provided to our own veterans in the United States via disability payments and other support.  Our funds pay for housing for the orphans and widows of fallen allies left without shelter, and who are dependent on the generosity of other poor individuals in their communities.  

For example, in the Sofia District of Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq, FFFA funds support 22 families led by widows caring for 108 orphans; all of which had their fathers murdered by Al Qaida.  The funds have secured food stuffs, clothing, fuel for generators, and maintenance on their collection of homes.  This support is provided with the full consent and oversight of the provincial authorities.  


100% of every dollar you contribute goes directly to the country or project that you choose.  We are supported entirely through private contributions from individuals, foundations, and businesses.


Most every veteran remembers an individual from the host nation that provided support, cultural assistance, or wise counsel to him or her during their deployment.  Many remember walking shoulder to shoulder with a host nation partner willing to sacrifice all to protect them.   Many remember sharing stories with their partners of their families, and of hopes for better days filled with all sorts of aspirations.   These same veterans, and their family members who have heard so many stories that they feel as if they knew these people as well, know that those they left behind will not receive the recognition and support they earned without outside assistance.   Fund for Fallen Allies provides a conduit to those individuals we left behind, a way to show our continued gratitude to them and their families, and a way to help their dreams and aspirations come true.  We offer a way to show our most trusted allies during difficult times that we will never forget them.   Fund for Fallen Allies provides an example of America’s greatness, generosity, and willingness to right past wrongs – regardless of the number of years that have passed.